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Jorun Marie Kvernberg

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Fiddle, Hardanger fiddle and song

Musician, composer and arranger, born in Fræna, Romsdal, in 1979

Kvernberg finished her studies at the Norwegian State Academy of Music 2004, fiddle and hardanger fiddle being her main instruments. The traditional fiddle music from Møre & Romsdal is her hot stuff as a soloist. Listen to sober, carmine red and resonant springar from grandfather Peter L. Rypdal, fresh and merry dancing tunes from the isles outside Romsdal. At last, but not the least, her waltzes from Nordmøre is a joy not untinged with sadness. Kvernberg is also a singer, developing a unique style combining two fiddles and song. Her powerful fiddle style and personality on stage is widely known. Thus, she makes the traditional music from her home county vivid and of current interest.

After releasing her debut album autumn 2006, Kvernberg was nominated for two Norwegian Folk Music Awards 2007, and she was one of the the finalists in the Norwegian Concert Institute’s programme for launching new folk music artists, Intro-Folk, 2007. In 2005 she won the Norwegian Performing Rights Society’s Edvard Price for a commissioned work.

Apart from being a soloist, Kvernberg is a popular ensemble musician, playing with groups such as Tindra, Majorstuen, Bruvoll/Halvorsen, Camilla Granlien Band og Unni Boksasp Ensemble.

For the years 2009 and 2010, Kvernberg has received the Government’s Work Grant for younger artists.

Majorstuen / Majorstuen 2002
Majorstuen / Jorun Jogga 2004
Tindra / Lukkeleg vaking 2006
Majorstuen / Juledrøm 2006
Jorun Marie Kvernberg / Album 2006
Bruvoll-Halvorsen / Trillar for to 2007
Camilla Granlien Band / Jarnnetter 2007
Unni Boksasp / Songar frå Havdal 2007
Tindra / Den kvite hjorten 2009
Majorstuen / Skir 2010
Unni Boksasp / Keramello 2010
Tindra / Moder Norge 2011
Tindra og Kroke / Live in Førde 2011

Majorstuen/Live in Concert 2012
Kvernberg & Sandum / Tidens Løsen 2013
Unni Boksasp Ensemle / Kvite Fuglar

Norwegian Grammy (Majorstuen) 2003
Øivind Berghs Memorial Prize 2003
Edvard Award, TONO 2005
Hilmar Award (Majorstuen) 2005
Kvarts Award (Tindra) 2005
INTROfolk - Folk Musicians of the Year (Majorstuen) 2005
The Norwegian Folk Music Award, - CD Bruvoll-Halvorsen/ ”Trillar for to” 2007
Best Dance Musician – Landskappleiken 2008 (solo)
Best soloist fiddle/hardanger fiddle - Landsfestivalen i gamaldans 2010
The Norwegian Folk Music Award, - CD Unni Boksasp Ensemble/ «Keramello» 2010
Norwegian Grammy (Unni Boksasp Ensemble) 2010

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